The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system on: 7/17/14 


New Features

Multi-date event submission

Sometimes organizations may have a series of events with similar descriptions and approval requirements, we've added the ability for students to submit events with multiple date/time combinations for approval.  Once submitted, approvers may selectively remove dates and approve/deny the submission as a whole.

If you do not wish for this functionality to be available on your campus you can request that it be disabled by your consultant.

Pinpoint event locations

Often, an on-campus location will not have a proper or well-known street address that can be used with mapping software like Google Maps.  We've added a pin-dropper in the event creation process so that the exact location of the event can be indicated and displayed. Location data becomes ever-more important as students use mobile devices to wayfind.

Auto-approve events by organization type

Making it easier for specific approved organizations, like campus offices or departments, to submit event details directly to the calendar without the need for additional approval by your team means more events on the calendar and fewer events in your queue.


Maintenance Updates

  • Updated significant infrastructure elements
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the display of the memberships tab in administrative section
  • Revealed "Review" menu to appropriate organization form reviewers
  • Corrected issue with event submission sorting
  • Adjusted the Service Hours by Organization Report to respect timezone
  • Improved clarity on several error screens
  • Improved validation on several text input fields
  • Performance and security improvements
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