The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system on: 3/9/14 


New Features

Administratively Review and Edit Memberships

We've created a new section in a user's record for administrators to review and edit the membership history of a student.  This allows administrators to correct any inaccuracies in a student's  membership record with precision and without needing to navigate through several links to roster pages. 

Curriculum Item Change Audit and Log

We've learned that members who are using curriculums like to tweak and adjust criteria during the year.  Sometimes these changes have unintended consequences on the completion progress of a student.  We've created a new completion criteria change audit and log into the system to help inform curriculum administrators of how a change may effect students. 

Add/Remove Curriculum Item Completion

Sometimes you just need to give or remove credit for a student and don't want to go through the process of changing the underpinning data (ex. event attendance) associated with the curriculum item. We've added the ability for curriculum administrators to simply add or remove credit from an item directly from the administrative side of the system.


Maintenance Updates

  • Corrected an issue which did not allow bulk archival of users
  • Increased security on publicly submitted forms to disallow accidental sharing of one's own form submission
  • Added end date validation to involvement import to no longer allow end dates in the future
  • Addressed an issue with Membership API call when date was used as a query
  • Extended event RSS feeds to include 30 days of events instead of seven (7)
  • Fixed an issue with event iCal files that displayed inaccurate locations
  • Performance and security improvements
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