The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system on: 1/24/14 


New Features

Review self-reported experience submissions

Many members have noted that the Self-Reported Experiences (SRE) functionality has enabled them to capture immense amounts of information about student's co-curricular experiences off-campus, but that reporting on these data hasn't been easy.  We've added both an approved/denied list in the user interface as well as a robust exporting tool that allows administrators to review and analyze SRE submissions over time.


New data available in API

Campuses who are interested in connecting engagement data with other campus data stores can now pull the curriculum status of a student or groups of students via the API, enabling interesting and insightful data mash-ups like comparing the curriculum status of a student against their GPA and/or Major.  We've also extended the API to include an Archived User ID to membership and roster calls, enabling campus programmers to associate engagement data to students who are no longer at the institution.


Maintenance Updates

  • Added an Archived User ID in API to help connect archived users to campus data
  • Updated WYSIWYG editors to latest version
  • Temporarily removed HTML edit option from WYSIWYG editors to test performance differential
  • Re-enabled a red colored indicator when a finance transaction would create a negative balance
  • Corrected an issue where student were not able to edit reflections on past membership records
  • Excluded a scenario where the outcome attainment graph would not appear correctly on the co-curricular transcript
  • Re-enabled "organization only" news items for display on the news ticker for appropriate users
  • Cleaned up error handling for eligibility lists which contained duplicate usernames
  • Re-enabled the verification contact information for organization service hour reviewers
  • Re-routed event comment links from the notifications page to the appropriate event review page
  • Addressed a limited form copy error
  • Added an email message to students when their service hour submission is denied
  • Fixed issue with .PDF flyer uploads
  • Performance and security improvements
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