The following items are planned to take effect in your CollegiateLink system on: 12/7/12

Maintenance Updates

  • Administrators creating events can now attach Curriculum Items from more than one Curriculum to an event submission.
  • Previously if an administrator who did not have access to Curriculums edited an event that had Curriculum Items attached to it when it was created, then those items would be removed from the event. Now, the system will persist the connection between those Curriculum Items and the event after the event is approved.
  • Students creating self-reported experiences (SREs) can now attached Curriculum Items from more than one Curriculum to the SRE submission.
  • Customized instructions can now be added to the Experience Name and Experience Description fields on a Self-Reported Experience Type.
  • The Experience Description field can now be marked as required, optional, or hidden (previously it was always required).
  • On-going self-reported experiences (i.e., those SREs that have a start date but no end date), will now be shown on the Co-Curricular Transcript with the date designation of (MM/DD/YYYY - Present).
  • A discrepancy with the inclusion of deleted interests was addressed in the Interest Recommender.
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