The following will take effect in your CollegiateLink system on: 8/13/12


New Features

  • A number of enhancements have been made to Administrative Forms:
    • There is now an option for Public Submissions which means that a form can be set up to allow responses from unauthenticated users (such as members of the surrounding community who do not have institution log-in accounts).
    • Reviewers can now be added when an Administrative Form is created so that individuals are automatically added as a Reviewer on each submission that is received for the Form.
    • Workflow can now be applied to the list of Reviewers on an Administrative Form so that the order in which each Reviewer will be notified and allowed to complete the review of a submission can be automatically set.
    • Additional audit/tracking information has been added to Administrative Form submission exports, print, and PDF views of submissions so that it is clear which user approved or denied a submission and a time stamp of when that action occurred.
  • A number of enhancements have been made to the Event Form:
    • An Access List has been added that will allow specifying users who could have access to become Reviewers if they receive the appropriate link to an event submission, but that will not automatically be made Reviewers on all submissions.
    • A Notification List has been added that will allow specifying users who will receive notifications every time an event submission is received. Those who receive notifications and are also present on the Access List will be given permission to complete a review for a given event submission.
    • A Reviewer List has been added that will allow specifying users who will automatically be made Reviewers every time an event submission is received. These reviewers can be set to be automatically or conditionally added based on the answers submitted to questions on the Event Form.
  • A new ability to create a Locations Inventory for selection when creating events is now available. Locations can be created with a variety of details including descriptions, room capacity, pictures, open/close times for each day of the week, and a variety of other room-specific information. In addition to creating spaces, a variety of related enhancements to events will now take advantage of Locations:
    • Location Access and Notification Lists--similar to those described above for Event Forms--are available specifically for each Location. These lists allow those users who should have the ability to become a Reviewer on an event submission that is requested to occur in a given Location.
    • When a user creates an event, a Location selector will now appear if the user holds a position that has permission to select Locations. The selector will let users search for Locations that are not already in use during a given date/time range.
    • Positions based on System Position Templates (as well as the Primary Contact and any Organization Created positions) can be given (or restricted from) access to request Locations when creating events.


Maintenance Updates

  • An issue affecting some communities related to the display time of events was fixed.
  • An issue with redirecting to a different view of the organization grid after editing a group was addressed.
  • An issue related to viewing multiple pages of organization news articles was addressed.
  • An issue related to searching organization new articles was addressed.
  • Various instances of help text language were improved to make instructions more clear.
  • Formatting of organization election results was improved.
  • Back buttons were added to Finance Stage creation screens to improve navigation.
  • Minor spacing and alignments improvements were made to the Co-Curricular Transcript.
  • The display of the year an event takes places was added in a number of places where multiple events with the same name (but different years) might be shown (including the Curriculum Fulfillment Options window).
  • Organizations of an Organization Type with the "Hide Organization Site" option enabled have been made to stay visible to system administrators at all times.
  • A number of improvements were made to the display of the list of batch transactions shown after a Finance Import:
    • All columns may now be sorted.
    • Fifteen records are shown at once (consistent with other list sizes in the system).
    • Pagination options for moving between pages have been improved.
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