The following items are planned to take effect in your CollegiateLink system on: 5/14/13 (Please check back for potential changes to the release schedule)


New Features

  • Copies of messages or comments will be sent via email to the appropriate recipients when they are posted  on the following types of Walls / Message Boards:
    • Organization Profile Walls
    • Event Submission Review Walls
    • Form Submission Review Walls
    • Organization New Article Walls
    • Campus Feed Walls
  • Users will have the ability to set notification preferences for each of the Wall / Message Board types above. These preferences will be found on the "Notification Settings" page which can be accessed under the user's name on the top-most menu of the page in the upper-left corner. The preference options will be:
    • Receive notifications via preferred or campus email and in the CollegiateLink system inbox
    • Receive notifications only in the CollegiateLink system inbox
    • Receive no notifications at all


Maintenance Updates

  • Increased the amount of text that can be put into the Form Approve/Deny comment box
  • Addressed an issue related to changing approval status on Organization Form submissions
  • Addressed an issue with the popup help text for social media links, shown on the Organization profile edit screen
  • Addressed a discrepancy with the display of phone numbers on the Community Directory popup window.
  • Addressed a discrepancy with the position of banner images on the Co-Curricular Transcript that affected Internet Explorer 8
  • Changed the title of the email that is sent when a reviewer is added to an event from "Event Confirmation" to "Review Proposed Event"
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