The following will take effect in your CollegiateLink system on: 5/8/12

New Features

  • A new report called "Users by Event Attendance" is now available. This report will allow the administrator to query a list of users who have attended a specified number of events matching a given set of criteria (e.g., events of a certain category, events sponsored by a certain organization, etc.).
  • An RSS feed of the upcoming week's public events for the campus is now available from the Events Directory page. A feed of all upcoming public events specific to each student organization has also been added to the organization events page.
  • Unapproved events (including those recently submitted, re-submitted, or denied) and approved events (including current and past) can now be accessed from a single Events management screen with improved filtering and searching capabilities.


Maintenance Updates

  • Events Directory filters (e.g., text searches, categories, or date ranges) can now be easily removed thus making it easy to return to the default view of the event listing.
  • The "Service Hours by User" report now allows all user additional profile fields to be included when the report is generated.
  • The "Attendance by Event" report now allows students' event self-reflections to be included when the report is generated.
  • Improved the speed of the Outcome assignment interface.
  • Improved the print quality of the co-curricular transcript.
  • Each student organization's calendar of events was updated to match the new look and feel of the Events Directory calendar.
  • Addressed discrepancies related to the creation, editing, and saving of Campus-Wide Alerts.
  • Addressed a discrepancy related to putting a link at the very beginning of a Campus-Wide Alert.
  • Addressed an issue with administrator access permissions for students' co-curricular transcripts.
  • Addressed an issue with "Forms View" access permissions for viewing Administrative Form submissions.
  • Addressed an issue where the display order of questions on the Event Form would not match the display order seen by administrators if changes were made to the form.


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