The following items will take effect on your site on 11/13/2011:


New Features

1. Registration Improvements

  • Administrators can now create Position Templates and add them as Optional Positions on Registrations, giving students the ability to optionally identify the holders of officer positions the administration may wish to know about, but does not require to be filled.
  • Administrators can also specify the minimum number of Optional Positions a roster must have filled, as well as the minimum number of total organization members, in order to register or re-register an organization.


2. Security and Permissions Adjustments

  • Users with “Messaging Full” permissions at the organization level will now have the ability to send messages to an organization’s roster (previously this ability was restricted to those with “Roster Full” permissions)
  • Users with “Organizations Full” permissions at the administrative level will now have the ability to send messages to any organization through that organization’s roster page.
  • Users with “Event View” permissions will now be able to see the reviewers added to event submissions, reviewer approval votes, and any reviewer or approver comments made on the submission.


3. Inbox messages can now be deleted directly from the message reading screen.



Maintenance Updates

  • Performance enhancements were made to the Eligibility List and Manage Roster processes.
  • An issue causing positions to be displayed more than once on the position restriction settings for Forms was addressed.
  • A discrepancy in the conversion of local campus time to system time was addressed.
  • Instruction text has been added to the Service Hours submissions page in order to help users record service hours.
  • Safe guards have been added to the Service Hours submission page so that future dates and times cannot be selected when recording a service hour entry.
  • The Financial Transactions Import results screen has been improved to more clearly show monetary values.
  • Organizations can no longer create positions that have the same name as an administratively-created Position Template in order to avoid confusion in reporting.
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