The following items will take effect on your site on 10/25/2011:

New Features

  • There is now an option to apply changes made on Position Templates down to all instances of those Templates across every Organization in the system.
  • In addition to layout and interface improvements, the system inbox now allows for both multiple messages to be deleted at once and for the entire inbox to be emptied.
  • Administrators may now disable all system links to external social media websites (i.e., Facebook and Twitter) across the site (to disable these links, send a request to
  • Event creators can now generate QR codes for use in advertising events.
  • Event creators may also now provide detailed address information for their event in order to display a Google map and weather information for the location selected.
  • Support for Google+ has been added to Organization Home Pages, Events, Photo Galleries, and News Articles.
  • Multiple photos can now be selected to be uploaded into an Album within the Photo Gallery. [This feature is not active for the Internet Explorer browser]
  • The maximum file upload size for the photo gallery has been increased from 4 to 7 megabytes per image.
  • A variety of improvements were made to Organization Pages, including:
    1. A link for changing the Organization Profile picture is now readily apparent when an image has not been uploaded.
    2. An edit button for the Organization Profile has been placed directly below the profile picture.
    3. The “About Us” page has been renamed to “Profile”.
    4. Contact Information has been moved to the main Organization Page.
    5. Organization leaders can now embed live social media content from Facebook Group walls, Twitter Feeds, and/or a public Google Calendars into the main Organization Page.

Maintenance Updates

  • The “Web Site Key” input box on the Organization creation page for administrators now shows a preview of the Organization’s URL based on the supplied key value.
  • The date an event approval request was submitted has been added to the Unapproved Event Submissions grid.
  • In order to provide more information related to the positions students hold within organizations, “Position Type” and “Organization Status” columns were added to the “Users by System Position Template” report.
  • In order to show whether a given organization was Active, Frozen, Locked, or Inactive—the “Organization Status” column was added to the “Involved Users” report.
  • In order to make it easier for students to see which positions were active or inactive within an organization, a “Status” column was added to user interface grid for Positions within an Organization.
  • In order to make it easier for administrators to see which Position Types assigned to Position Templates were officers, an “Is Officer” column was added to the user interface grid for managing Position Types.
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