The following items will take effect on your site on 10/2/2011:


New Features


  • There is now an option to export event invitees from the "Manage Invitations" page on any event.
  • The search boxes on the submission pages for Forms and Registrations will now return results for searches based on the submitter's first or last name.
  • The maximum limit for sending a single batch of e-mail invitations to attend an event has been increased to 500.
  • Added “# Absent”, “# Excused”, “# NA” after “#Marked Attended” to both “Events by Organization” and “Events by Category” reports.



Maintenance Updates


  • Altered the hyperlink inside of invitation emails (events, organizations) to make it easier for users to connect to the invitation properly.
  • Refreshed layout of print/PDF versions of Finance Requests by increasing the width of the “Description Area” and reconfiguring the location of approval information.
  • Adjusted the Registration Submissions export to properly display each submission’s unique ID number.
  • Addressed a discrepancy with the color settings on the user menu bar when viewed from Organization pages.
  • Improvements to the Internet Explorer 8 experience.
  • Finance reporting updates including; adding unapproved requests to the “Finance Request” export and relabeling "Parent Encumbered Funds" to "Parent Account" on the Finance Account List export.
  • User interface updates on event “Track Attendance” and “Manage Invitations” pages.
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