The following items will take effect on your site on 9/11/2011:

New Features

  • Any organization member with full access to the roster will now receive an email notification when another user requests membership in the organization.
  • Comments made on Finance stages can now be saved without changing the stage of the finance request.
  • The Parent Account for any Finance account will now appear on the Account List export.
  • The option to enable or disable the ability to create organization events which allow users to self-report attendance will now appear on the properties for an Organization Type.
  • The printer-friendly and PDF version of an Event Submission will now contain the name and e-mail address of the submitter as well as the sponsoring organization of the event.
  • Invitations to attend events or join organizations may now be sent by inputting up to 500 e-mail addresses to send invitations to.
  • Involvement Imports, Event Attendance Uploads, and Eligibility List Imports can now be uploaded to the system and will be queued for processing so that users may continue working in other areas of the site and receive a notification when the import is complete. The maximum number of Involvement Import records that can be uploaded at once has also been increased to 1,000.
  • Invitations and RSVPs, formerly managed on two separate screens, can now be managed from a single screen accessible through a “Manage Invitations” button available to event managers when viewing their event’s details.


Maintenance Updates

  • Adjusted the site so a user's privacy settings can be accessed at all times.
  • Addressed some graphical discrepancies in the display of the finance account tree.
  • Adjusted the Finance Requests export to include a summed total of attached transactions for each record.

  • Administrators are no longer required to provide an organization short name/acronym when creating a new organization or editing an existing one. 
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