The following aspects have been added to your campus site, where applicable. If you have any questions about any of these items, please contact your CollegiateLink Support Specialist.

  • Added capability to generate a list of voters who have completed an election, separate from their votes
  • Enhanced administrative messaging, including messaging to organization categories

Maintenance Updates:

  • Returned ability to download uploaded files that were attached to forms
  • Added support for conditional arguments inside of forms in Internet Explorer
  • Mandating “Profile” step in re-registration building process
  • List of administrative reports reordered based on context
  • Added help text to invitation screens to specify that a campus email address should be used
  • Generic Pass Through authentication now accepts empty required fields, limiting authentication errors
  • Cleaned up the transaction cancellation process for more clarity
  • Added “Province” and “Postal Code” as descriptors in profile areas
  • Supporting $0.00 transactions in finance
  • Event reports show final day of events up to midnight
  • Reflections on past positions save correctly
  • Search criteria in finance is retained over multiple pages
  • More specific help text in the OpenID login process
  • Returned ability to mass approve forms
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