The following aspects have been added to your campus site, where applicable. If you have any questions about any of these items, please contact your CollegiateLink Support Specialist.

  • The ability to print and save in PDF format Form and Registration submissions.
  • Easier navigation within photo albums for organizations.
  • New filter on Finance Request List export: Date Submitted or Date Approved.
  • Messages sent from an Organization will reference the organization.
  • Messages sent to a specific position by an administrator will reference the position as the reason for the message.
  • Finance requests can be cancelled up until a Transaction has been created in association with the request.
  • More control over the items in the Campus Links drop-down menu, including order.

Maintenance Updates:

  • Rearrangement of table listings in Finance sections for easier navigation and location of information.
  • Entry page remembered after log in to site.
  • Messages retain line breaks/hard returns in text.
  • Finance only administrators automatically have access to the Reporting option, but only the three finance reports: Financial Account List, Financial Request List, and Financial Transaction List.
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