The following aspects have been added to your campus site, where applicable. If you have any questions about any of these items, please contact your CollegiateLink Support Specialist.

  • A campus news page has been added to the system that aggregates all public and campus-only news articles from organizations.
  • A News Feed ticker was added to the home page for your campus and on each organization page, which displays up to 5 of the most recent news articles posted by organizations. The Campus Feed now only displays organization Wall posts.
  • Direct links to organization or administrative forms can be found by going to the Publish link for that form.
  • A “Reconcile” field was returned to the Finance Transaction table as a way to indicate when transactions have been confirmed in the “real world”, and there is no further action taken within the system. This button cannot be turned off and should be used at your campus’s discretion. Finance reports reflect the reconciliation.
  • Outcomes, along with multipliers, can be bulk assigned to events through the admin section.


Maintenance Updates:

  • All messages received can be deleted.
  • Photos displaying correctly on multiple pages. 
  • Adding new photos to an existing album does not duplicate existing photos. 
  • Landscape oriented PDF files displaying correctly for events. 
  • “Cancel” editing a photo returns you to that album of pictures not the list of all albums.
  • Updated spelling and text issues on multiple pages.
  • Finance report adjustments to more closely match previous versions
  • Roster page cleanup 
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