We’re excited to announce that we released an update to CollegiateLink that brings the publication of organizational news to the front page. Five new components make up the Campus News feature. 

  1. Each organization now has a dedicated News page (yourcampus.collegiatelink.net/organization/orgname/news) that allows the group to share items of note with their members and followers. Each news article’s audience can be set with the common publishing settings of “Public,” “Campus,” “Organization,” and “Position-specific.”
  2. Each article has a discussion wall attached to it, allowing for commenting and discussion around the content. The discussion wall respects the publishing settings of the article so that conversations about the topic are kept private.
  3. Organization news articles will now be displayed on the organization’s home page via a ticker. The ticker respects the publishing settings for each article and will only show users articles that they have permission to see.
  4. A “Campus News” page aggregates all of the “Public” and “Campus” news articles from organizations into a single page (yourcampus.collegiatelink.net/news) so that members of the public and the campus-community can see news articles that have been published. Like the flyerboard, anonymous users will only see “Public” articles.
  5. A news ticker has also been added to the front page of the site.  It will display the five most recent news articles published to the “Public” and “Campus.” Like the flyerboard, anonymous users will only see “Public” articles.

    News Ticker.jpg 

Do you have a news article that you’d like to highlight for an extended period of time? Take advantage of the Alerts feature to bring attention to an article at the top of the front page.

This feature is content driven; meaning that the ticker and campus news page will not appear in the system until your campus has at least one “Public” or “Campus” article.  

For step-by-step instructions on creating a news article check out our support article.

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