The following aspects have been added to your campus site, where applicable. If you have any questions about any of these items, please contact your CollegiateLink Support Specialist.

  • More in-depth notification and reminder settings.
  • Event Submission process:
    • All events can have Reviewers assigned to participate in approval process  (Approve Events)
    • Specific forms can be applied to events based on specific criteria (Create Event Form)
    • All events Approved prior to 1/7/2011 will only be editable from the Administration page.
  • Messaging alerts regarding finance request and transaction updates.
  • Finance accounts maintain originally designated parent account.
  • Students can include Reflections when adding Past Involvement.
  • Ability to customize title of “Transcript” in the system as appropriate.
  • Involvement Import functionality restored.
  • Delete a global position from a specific organization if not necessary.
  • Position Templates assigned to an organization type are automatically available to all organizations within that type.

Maintenance Updates:

  • Flyerboard “This Week”/”Next Week” filter working in all browsers. 
  • Transcripts display only one instance of membership if dates overlap.
  • Deleting members in an organization’s roster will check that at least one member is selected to delete.
  • Adding events to Google Calendar displays correct time. 
  • Added Website URL (key) to Organization Directory report.
  • Added User Profile fields available at the Community level: Class of, Student ID, Affiliation, Gender, and are included in the migratory from 4.
  • Track Attendance for an Event connecting to user not yet created in the system.
  • Better formatting of Additional Fields management.
  • Memo field added to transaction view from the organizations.
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