Engage allows your campus to define a list of locations users can select from to reserve space, as well as check space availability against other event requests or your campus' EMS system. When someone with appropriate permissions submits information for an event they will have the chance to search for their desired location and check the availability based on their preferred time.

If you're not seeing populated space locations when entering a location, you may either not have the proper permissions or your campus has not set this up. Contact your campus administrator for more information.

Searching for a location

During event creation within your organization, designate the start and end time for your event. Once you have your time entered, click on the Add Location button below the date to begin selecting a space. Type the name of the space in the bar to begin searching, then click on the desired location.

If the space is available, the system will accept your selection. If the space is not available, you will see a red bar displayed like the image below, and will need to select a different time if you still want that space or a different location. When you're done, click Save.

A screenshot displaying an error message when the user chooses a location that is unavailable in EMS.

NOTE: Selecting a location will not specify the address, so you will either need to supply the address if you want a map, or choose that NO, I'd prefer not to show a Map to save the location.

Once the event submission is made the time of the event is held within Engage to prevent anyone requesting the same space for the same time. If your campus uses an EMS reservation system, Engage does NOT book or populate a booking submission for the space in EMS. We suggest that the staff member who approves space in EMS be added as a reviewer in Engage so that they can book the space in EMS and provide a confirmation via the submission comment wall in Engage.

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