The Community Directory in Engage refers to the information that populates about a user when you click on that user's name within the site. The directory might include basic user profile information, contact information, or any additional fields that the user chose to show to the public. This article provides information for administrators about how to configure the community directory. If you are a student or a user looking for information about privacy settings for your directory information, click see our article that provides information on how to change your personal privacy settings.

Enabling the community directory

The Community Directory is enabled by default in your basic community configuration settings. If the community directory is disabled in your configuration settings, you will not have the option to click a user's name to view more information about them. If the community directory is enabled, you will be able to click a user's name and see the information the user has chosen to show to the public. If you believe your directory is turned off and you want to change that setting, contact an Engage support team member ( to enable the community directory feature for your site.

Choosing what information shows in the community directory

Community directory entries can consist of a user's basic profile details, such as their email address, phone number, and address, and any additional user profile fields you have created.

In order for additional fields to be able to show in the community directory, you must configure them to do so when you create them. To see if you have the proper configuration set up, from the Admin view's Users menu, select Additional Fields at the bottom.


For each additional field for user profile, you will see the "Community Directory" setting on the far right. In order for a user have the ability to choose to show that particular field in their community directory entry, you must configure that field to "Show." Any field set to "Hide" under community directory will not appear to the user when they determine which information they want to show publicly to other users. You can also choose if you want that information to show to "Logged-in Users" or if you want that field to be hidden from anyone besides the user. Note that a field must be configured to "Show" in the Community Directory in order for it to show to logged-in users. Public, anonymous users will never be able to see user profile information.


Community directory defaults

Community admins can determine default settings for which fields will show or hide in community directory entries. You can only select default settings for additional fields you have chosen to show in the community directory using the instructions above. You will not be able to set defaults for fields you have chosen to hide. To choose your defaults, select the Users dropdown menu and select Community Directory.


You will be provided a list of the basic fields that are hard-coded into Engage and then any additional fields you have created AND chosen to "Show" in the community directory. From this menu, you can choose to "Show" or "Hide" each field by default. This configures the default setting each user will see in their own privacy options. Keep in mind the user will be able to override these settings and decide to either "Show" or "Hide" each field in their own personal privacy settings; these community directory settings simply provide default standards. Click Update to save your settings.


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