The Engage application programming interface (API) is a REST-based (or "RESTful") interface that accepts requests or calls for information that is stored in the application's database. It is intended to give campus web developers or application programmers the ability to write code that can automatically query for and extract data that would otherwise only be accessible by directly logging into the application. Many institutions use the API as a means of integrating the co-curricular data stored in Engage (e.g., the list of clubs/organizations, membership rosters, events, etc.) with existing campus applications. The web services API can also be used to bulk extract data from Engage so that a campus can have its own "shadow copy" of the information collected by the application.


The APIs documented on this site are made available exclusively to licensed Campus Labs member campuses.  Third-party or public use of this API is prohibited without the consent of Campus Labs.


Campus developers who wish to access the API must be pre-approved by Campus Labs.  Developers may be added the approved list by having the official campus contact, who is responsible for your license, send each developer’s full name, unique identifier, and campus email address to the Support Team (support@campuslabs.com).  Once approved, a public/private key pair will be generated and delivered to the campus developer for use in calling the API.

Rate Limit

API requests are limited to 30 per second and 400 per minute in order to maintain a highly available and steady experience for all member campuses. If a request is denied due to the rate limit the response will include a 429 "Too Many Requests" error and a "retry-after" header.

Example Uses

Please see the Uses of the API to get a better idea of how some institutions are utilizing this feature of Engage to enable or enhance campus resources and services.


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