The Paths tool in Engage allows you to participate in a specific experience laid out by your campus administrators. This could be a student leader training, a first year experience path, or a leadership certificate. No matter what path you are taking part in, the process for receiving credit and reviewing your progress in these paths will be the same!

Participating in Paths

If you are participating in any paths, you will see a link to your paths on your homepage when you first login to your Engage site.

You can also access your paths progress by clicking on your User Drawer and selecting Paths.

 Screenshot of a user with the user drawer open, pointed to the Paths tab

In order to participate in a path, you have to be added into that path by a campus administrator. There is no way for you to opt in or join without administrative oversight. If you think you should be part of a path that you are not seeing, please contact your campus administrators for assistance!

Viewing your progress through a path

If your campus is conducting more than one path program, make sure that the "Progress For" drop-down field is set to the correct one you want to view. You will see your overall progress, your progress through each of the path domains, and you’ll have the ability to click on each domain to view its details. “Domains” refer to the different main topics within your path.

Select a domain to read more about its details and to view the requirements. For each, you’ll be able to see which path requirements you have completed and which you still need to earn. You will also see the number of “Completion Requirements” that you must complete as well.

Screenshot of a domain opened to reveal all relevant items

 Based on your progress for a particular aspect of the path, you will see one of five possible icons next to each individual activity: 

 Icon Description 

a green check mark in a cirlce

Item is Complete: Credit is Earned

Credit has been earned, either by completing all criteria necessary or receiving approval from a campus administrator for a particular item.

a green hourglass symbol

Item is Pending Approval

Item has been submitted for approval but has not yet been approved or denied by a campus administrator.

a red exclamation point

Item Needs Additional Action or Info from Student

You need to include further information for this item. For example, the student may need to complete a written reflection or description.

a red X in a circle

Item Denied: No Credit Awarded

Item has been reviewed and denied by a campus administrator. For more information regarding why the submission was denied, please reach out to your campus administrator directly.

a gray outline of an empty circle

Item Not Completed: No Status

Item has not been completed or submitted and still requires action before credit can be awarded.

Receiving credit for a path

Receiving credit for your path will look different for each path you are a part of. Joining organizations, attending events, and submitting self-reported experiences can all contribute to path completion depending on its specific requirements.

You can view the requirements for a path by clicking on one of the domains within the path and viewing the completion requirements. When you click on a specific item, look on the right hand side to view “Fulfillment Options.” This shows you how you can specifically receive credit for that path item, whether that be through submitting an experience request, joining an organization, or attending an event. In some cases, you will be able to self-report that you completed that item by clicking Mark Complete under “Fulfillment Status."

 a screenshot of an event attendance item with fulfillment options displaying relevant upcoming events

Access your Path Progress Report

You can also access your Path Progress Report at any time. Note that this is different from your Involvement Record which tracks your organization memberships, events, reflections, and other involvement history. The Path Progress Report only displays the credit you receive for the paths you are participating in. This report cannot be modified or customized like the involvement record. To access this report, click on PDF Download or Print View at the top right hand of your path completion page.

 a screenshot pointing to the Print View button on the user's Paths page

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