Only primary contacts and positions with full access over Events can create events within an organization. If you do not have the proper permissions, you should first refer to your primary contact or your site administrators in order to request the required access.

Manage your organization by selecting Manage from the switchboard and choosing your organization. Then go to Events in the organization tool menu.


Completing Core Event Details

Click on Create Event. Enter an event title, theme, description, start and end time, and location into their respective boxes. You can also identify if the event will be co-hosted with other organizations (if this option has been enabled for your campus). Required fields are marked by the red asterisk at their start.

a screenshot of the first section of the create event sccreen

You can add up to 18 different times/locations within one event submission. Upon approval, each instance of the event you created will become its own event that can be individually edited or changed. Click "Add Another Date" to create a recurring event.

You can also choose whether to include a helpful map, courtesy of Google Maps, to your event details page.

When submitting the details of an event, you can also add an online location as well as instructions for how to access it. Events can be exclusively online or combined with a physical location for both online and in-person attendance.Online-Location-Option.png

Your next couple of options are about event visibility and are outlined below.

Each field after this point is detailed below:

Field Description
Show-To Determine whether the event should show to the public, authenticated users only, only members of hosting organizations (and cohosting organizations), or only to invited users
Event Categories Associate the event with one or more event categories
Perks Associate the event with one or more event perks (special benefits for your attendees) 
Additional Information Complete any additional fields that may be required by your campus. Depending on your institution's settings, your responses to these questions may show publicly on your published event page. 

Additional Pages and Event Questions

The next page allows you to customize your RSVP settings. Use this tool to collect information from your attendees before the event or to set a specific attendee limit. 

The third page allows you to customize your event's cover photo by clicking Choose File and adding an image that you feel will draw attention to your event. We recommend a photo that is 1024px by 600px or larger, under 10MB, and of one of the mentioned formats (JPG, JPEG, GIF, or PNG). The image will run through an image re-sizer, so the larger - the better! If you choose not to upload a photo, a default photo will be chosen for you based on the theme of your event. As this photo will be displayed alongside event details across Engage, it is best to choose a cover photo that is simply an image without text. 

When you're ready, advance using Next or Skip. Your organization's branch may require each event submission to provide additional details that will be kept on the private record of the event submission. You will be prompted at this time to complete this information. Fill out the rest of the form and submit it for campus administrative approval.

Events now allow you to collect quick feedback from your attendees after an event is over, using the "Event Ratings" feature, for more information, please take a look at the following Support Article.

*Note: Engage users with Events – Full (or All Access) permissions at the community-wide level can choose whether they want their events to auto-approve! On the final page of submitting an event, you will now see the option to select whether to have your event auto-approve or to send it through the regular review process! This can be particularly useful in cases where you need to use your event form to pull in other campus partners for your processes.


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