As an officer or someone who has access to manage the Roster tool, you have the ability to approve or deny requests from users asking to join your organization. To view your membership requests, navigate to the Action Center for your organization page and select the Roster tool from the organization tool drawer.


 Scroll down to the Manage Roster section.You will see lists for current, pending, and prospective members. "Pending" members are those who have been invited to join the organization but have not yet accepted that invitation. "Prospective" members are those who discovered your organization and have indicated they would like to join.


To notify a pending member of their invitation, check the box to the left of each individual and click Resend Invitation. For prospective members, navigate to the Prospective tab and review the users who are awaiting membership approval. Click Approve or Deny to make a decision about that user's membership. You can also send any prospective member a message by selecting the checkbox to the left of their name and selecting Send Message.


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