Once you have created your Position Templates, you can choose to make certain Positions only available to certain organization types in your site. For example, you may have a position titled "Captain" that only needs to be filled by users in Club Sports Organizations, or a position titled "Vice President for Membership" that will exclusively be utilized by Fraternities and Sororities.

To assign position templates to organizations, Click the "Browse Branches" option ( You can select the "Manage icon" next to your Branch if you see it there and choose Organization Types) and select your Administrative Branch. Select Organization Types under your branch tools, since you will be assigning positions based on the type of the organization.  


Click on the name of the organization type you'd like to assign positions to and then select the Position Templates tab.


Selecting position templates in this tab will make them available to be filled by members of organizations of this type. This tab also determines which positions will be required and optional for organizations of this type to fill during the re-registration process. To add a Position Template to a type, select the plus sign next to it's name under "Available Position Templates" and you will see it populate under "Assigned Position Templates." You can remove a position template by hovering over a position under "Assigned Position Templates" and selecting the red X. Your changes will be automatically saved. Repeat this process for every organization type that needs specific position templates assigned to it.

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