Similar to a native email platform, our messaging system allows you to communicate directly with the people in your campus networks. All Engage messages also send an email copy, unless a user explicitly disables email forwarding in their personal notification settings. You can find all of your messages in your personal inbox. 

Click the your photo or initial in the top right hand corner to open up your User Drawer. Click on Notifications.


Click on the subject of any messages you'd like to read. A blue square to the left of the notification means it has not yet been clicked or read. You can reply directly by entering the text or reply, and clicking on Reply at the bottom of the page or replying from your email.

If you receive this message, "You cannot reply to messages generated by the system," this means you have received an internal notification, such as a message regarding a form or registration approval.

To empty your entire inbox, click Empty Inbox at the top right of the page to clear all messages from your inbox.


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