As an administrator, you have the ability to add, remove, or transfer path credit for any user in a path that you oversee. If you are a student looking for information about how to receive credit in a path, click read our article on Participating in a Co-Curricular Path.

Path credit is given based on Path items. To manage a user's credit for an individual item, go to your Admin view, select the Paths dropdown, and select Items.

Search for the specific item for which you would like to give, take away, or transfer credit. Then, select the Credit tab.

Adding Credit

To give a user credit for this item, select +Add Credit at the top of the page. You can give credit to a single user by selecting Add to the left of their name.

Removing credit

If you wish to take credit away from a user for a specific item, select the check box to the left of the name(s) you wish to remove from the item. Click Remove at the top of the list. Note: Before you remove path credit, if the criteria for the item has not been changed, this credit may be restored the next time the path is reprocessed or recalculated. For example, if a user is a member of an organization that earns them path credit, they may regain credit for that organization-based item when the system refreshes.

Transferring credit

Transferring credit is different from adding and removing credit in that when you transfer credit, you are choosing to do so for all users who have completed a specific path item. You cannot transfer credit on a one-by-one basis. Transferring credit will transfer the completion status from one item to another for all participants who have completed the first item.

To transfer credit, select Transfer Credit at the top of the item credit page.

Select the item you would like to transfer the credit "FROM" and the item you would like to transfer that credit "TO." Then, select your transfer method:

  • When you "Copy," you are duplicating completion status to the item you select in the "TO" option. After transfer, users will have competition status on both items.
  • When you "Move," you are removing completion status from the "FROM" curriculum item and moving it to the "TO" path item. The user will only have completion status for the "TO" item after the transfer.

Finally, choose whether you want to include participants' self-reported description or self-reflection in the new item. Click Transfer when you are done and confirm your decision to complete the process!

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