Adding participants to a Path allows a specific population of designated students to complete items and view progress toward achieving Path requirements.

To add participants, navigate to the Admin view. Select the Paths drop-down and select Paths. From here, select the Path to which you would like to add participants.

Under the description box, select the Only selected users will participate in the Path option and then the Update option in the bottom of the page, if not already selected. This ensures that students are not automatically added to this Path. Once that setting has updated, select the Participants tab.

Select Add Participants.

You can add participants one by one by selecting the add button next to those individual users.

If you need to upload multiple participants you can click the link to the new Imports page shown on that page. On the new Import page, you will see a history of your previous imports as well as options to configure and upload your template. The import template is now customizable. This means that you will be able to select certain fields to include in your import template including which unique identifier you would like to use. Additionally, the Path Participant Import will now import any user (whether or not they have previously logged in to Engage) into your Path. 



 Note: When users are added to a path, the path will calculate if the user has already completed credit in any of the path's items. For example, if the path includes an event attendance item related to an event the student has participated in, the student will gain credit for that item. As a result, it is possible for users to have credit in the path even very recently after being added to the path. 

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