The Paths module is a powerful tool to measure student learning in a cohesive manner. It allows institutions to configure a path specific to their student experience. By utilizing event attendance tracking, student self-reported experiences and organization participation, students can quickly record and view their progress in your program. To utilize this module, please contact your Consultant about purchasing and enabling Paths.

Once the Paths feature is enabled for your campus, it will appear on the administration side. Switch to the Admin view.

Select Paths and then Paths List from the drop-down. Click +Create Path to create an entirely new Co-Curricular Path. Each Co-Curricular Path operates independently from every other Co-Curricular Path. Enter a name and description for your Path. 

Path Participation Settings

Next, determine if you would like to make participation open to everyone or if you want to limit it to specific users.

  • All users: Any user that logs into the system will be automatically made a participant and will be allowed to complete Path items and view their progress towards the Path requirements. No         users can ever be removed form the Path. 
  • Selected users: Only users that you specify on the Participants tab (located after you submit this page) will be made participants in the Path.

After you determine who can participate, determine what the users can see. You can allow participants enrolled in the Path to see and manage their progress by viewing completion statuses and, depending on the configuration of your Path, report additional items as complete. If you do not check this box, while participants will not be able to see or manage progress, they will still be granted completion credit and you can still run completion reports for participants. 

Path Item Equivalency

The next step is to determine the Path item equivalency. You're provided two options - simple or complex.

  • Simple: Curricular items with matching criteria will receive credit. 
  • Complex: Participants will only receive credit or one item within one domain. Logic will dictate which item the participant will receive credit for based on required status of item, completion criteria complexity, and the display order of domains and items. Unlike the "simple" option, in this set up the system will attempt to intelligently decide which Path Item to grant a student first when more there is potential for more than one to be filled.

Path Item Credit Retention

After you determine the item Equivalency, choose what should happen when criteria is added or removed from a Path Item. You're provided two options - forgiving and strict.

  • Forgiving: Credit will not be removed from a participant’s record, even if the criteria that satisfied the item is removed.
  • Strict: Credit for all items will be re-calculated based on the new, overall criteria list. This will have the effect of adding, removing, or transferring credit(s) for participants.

When all of your settings are correct, click Create at the bottom of the page. Once submitted, the completion criteria for the Item can only be changed by Campus Labs Staff. Now that you have determined the basic settings for your path, learn more about creating domains and items!

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