Certain experience types will require final approval by a community administrator. Whether or not an experience requires this approval is decided when the experience type is set up. If you require that student submissions gain administrative approval before being officially added to a student's co-curricular transcript, those submissions will be collected and displayed in a queue for the administrator to review and ultimately approve or deny. Only administrators with the proper level of user access will be able to review experience submissions.

To review and make decisions about experience submissions, you can access the submission list on the Admin view of your site by clicking on the Users dropdown menu and then Experiences.


You will see a list of all pending experience submissions, with the most recently submitted appearing first. Each entry shows the name of the submitted experience along with a submission timestamp and the experience type the submission was created for. You can use the "Show" drop-down menu in the upper-left portion of the page to filter the list by specific experience types. There is also an option to search all the pending Experiences using the input box in the upper-right corner of the grid. This field will search against the "Experience" and "Submitter" name values.

Click on the name of an experience submission to go to the review screen. Here, you will be able to look over the submission and verify any details that you require. You can also print a copy using the Print View button at the top of the page. Click Approve or Deny to complete the review and finalize your decision. Your decisions are final and cannot be reversed.


If you approve the experience submission, a confirmation message will be sent to the submitter and the experience will be added to the user's official co-curricular transcript. If you deny the experience submission, you will have the option to provide an explanatory comment which will be sent to the submitter. The submitter will then have the option to edit and re-submit the experience for approval.

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