Engage allows for very precise control over who can vote in each ballot of an election through the Eligibility List feature. Because of the feature's flexibility, there are times when it's possible to create configuration settings that do not result in the intended outcome.  The example below is meant to be an annotated explanation of the possible configuration of a ballot.

In our example below, the goal is to setup the eligibility configuration so that only users who are in the Class of 2018 can vote on the "Class of 2018 Representative" ballot. After we have uploaded our eligibility lists and navigated to the "Properties" area of our ballot, we are met with the following screen:


Below you will find several possible configurations of this screen and notes on their outcomes.



Ideal Configuration

This configuration will ONLY allow users that are listed on the Class of 2018 list to vote on this ballot. It will also deny voting rights to any users on the Ineligible Voters list. This is the ideal configuration if you have a list of voters for whom you want to restrict voting rights.



Successful Configuration

This configuration will ONLY allow users that are listed on the Class of 2018 list to vote on this ballot. Note that this configuration would allow ineligible voters who are members of the Class of 2018 list to vote.



Problematic Configuration

This configuration will allow users on the 2018 list to vote. However, it will also EXCLUDE users on the Faculty/Staff list. If there are users on BOTH lists (Class of 2018 students who are also considered faculty/staff, or faculty/staff who are considered Class of 2018) then they will be DENIED from voting.



Problematic Configuration

This configuration will DENY any user who is on both lists. Therefore, a College of Engineering student who is a member of the Class of 2018 will not be able to vote. This configuration is not recommended to accomplish our goal.



Problematic Configuration

By denying all lists except the Class of 2018 list, we are compounding the issue discussed above. Any user who belongs to any other list will be denied voting rights, despite being a member of the Class of 2018. Therefore, "Ignore" should be your default unless you are actively trying to restrict a group.

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