When building your election, you can add images to the multiple choice question options on your ballot to provide more context if desired. To insert the images, you must have a direct URL to the image (meaning the image needs to have been uploaded or hosted on a site), and you can upload them directly to your organization in CollegiateLink. To do so, follow the instructions provided below. A full explanation of each step is included below the numbered list.

  1. Create your ballot question.
  2. Upload the image to the Gallery tool in an organization.
  3. Copy the photo's direct URL. This is not the page in your photo album where the photo is displayed. This is the direct link to the image.
  4. Paste the direct URL into the image pop-up on the editor of each answer.

Create your ballot question

As mentioned above, currently only multiple choice questions (check box list or radio button list) are able to have images in them. In order to prepare your question, first add your question to your ballot and add your list of options. Hit OK to save your question. Next, we need to prepare our images.

Uploading the image to the Gallery

Photos must first be uploaded if you want to use them in the rich text editor of your choice options. Choose the Gallery tool from the organization toolbar and upload the photo by adding it to an album. You will have to create a new album if you don't have one already.



Copying the direct URL

After you've uploaded the photo, view the photo then right-click on the image and click Copy Image Address.


Add the photo to your ballot options

Once you have copied the image address, return to your ballot and click on the ballot question, followed by the "Edit" icon image. Go to the Answers tab within the question and click on the answer choice in which you would like to add the image to.

Click on the "Include Additional Text" checkbox and you should see a Tree icon in the toolbar of this text box. You will be able to paste the download link that you copied into this Image URL field. You can also adjust the image size from within this dialog box. When you're done, click Insert in the lower left to complete adding it to the answer. Upon finishing editing the additional text, save your question by clicking OK or Apply.


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