Elections results are accessible to both community administrators and student officers with full access over elections. However, community administrators are the only users who have access to the list of people who have voted in the election. *It is important to note that once a vote/submission has been cast, it will be impossible to tie votes to voters to protect the anonymity of your election data*

For Campus-Wide Elections

Only community administrators can access campus-wide election results. First, access on the Admin view of your Switchboard. Click on the Elections drop-down list, then select Elections List and select the election you want to view.


Navigating to the Results tab, you will see a snapshot of the current results will display, including the current total number of participating voters, the current number of votes cast for each option, and the current percentages of votes per option.



Click on the name of a specific ballot to view individualized results, and then export the ballot votes for that individual ballot. If you'd like to export every vote of all ballots at once, you can click Export All Votes at the top to download an Excel file of all the ballot entries. Alternatively, you can export an Excel file of all individuals who voted by clicking Export All Voters (this will only appear for users who are community administrators).

For Organization Elections

Navigate to your organization's Action Center through the Manage view of your switchboard. Open up the organization tool drawer and select Elections. 


Select the election you want to view. From there, you can click on the Results tab to browse the ballot results.


You can select the "Export All Votes" button to download your results into an excel file or you can view the snapshot of the current results displayed on the "Results" page. Click on a specific ballot in order to view individualized ballot response counts. The option to Export All Voters will only appear for community administrators and will not appear for general organization officers.

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