As part of your profile, you are able to set and change your privacy settings, both for Engage as a whole, and for the organizations that you are a member of. Your privacy settings are divided into two sections, Community Directory Settings and Organization Roster Settings. Once logged in, these settings can be accessed by accessing your User Drawer in the top right corner, clicking the blue 'pencil' icon




, and then click the Privacy Settings tab.


Community Directory Settings

Community Directory Settings allow you to decide what information is shown when your name is clicked by a general user in the site. Your Community Directory Settings will be displayed automatically and this information will only be accessible to authenticated users. You may select what information to show and what information to hide. Some information may not be accessible due to administrator settings.

Note: If you are making changes to your settings, be sure to click Save before navigating away from the page.

Organization Roster Settings

You are also able to make changes to your visibility on organization rosters by changing your Organization Roster Settings. These settings are located at the bottom of the page below the Community Directory Settings.

From here you will be able to select whether or not to show or hide yourself from the roster for each group you are a member of. The default status for any memberships that are not set by the users will be determined by the institution administrator's preferences.

Note: Memberships will never be shown to the public without your express consent.


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