In your Engage profile, you can select personal interests that will help your Engage site recommend Organizations and Events for you to explore. To manage your personal interests, log in to your campus site and access your user drawer by clicking on your initial or photo in the top right corner. Click on Account and then on Interests.


You will see a list of "Selected Interests" that have been created by your campus administrators. Click on the interests under "Selected Interests" that you feel accurately describe what you are interested in. If the interest has a blue plus sign, you can directly add it to your ranked interest list. Any interests with a folder symbol will expand to list individual interests that can be added. All added interests will move over to the "Ranked Interests" list where you can rank them in a specific order. 

When you hover over an interest under "Ranked Interests," you have multiple navigation options. Move the interest up or down in ranking using the blue arrows, or remove it from your list completely by selecting the trash icon. All changes will update automatically.

The ranking determines how organizations and events are recommended to you. You can always view your recommended organizations or events by navigating to the campus-wide organizations or campus-wide events list at the top of your site and clicking on "View Recommended."

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