Only organization officers and campus administrators can approve service hours in Engage. While organization officers will be able to approve hours for their specific organizations, campus admins can approve service hours community-wide.

Approving hours as an organization officer

To approve the hours submitted in your organization site, go to your organization's Action Center and access the Service Hours tool through the organization tool drawer.


Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the pending submissions. Review the information displayed and then make a decision by selecting the check box to the left of the submission and clicking Approve or Deny.


Approving hours as a campus administrator

As a campus admin, you can jump into any organization and approve service hours using the method above. You can also access a full list of service hours across organizations by going into your Admin view, selecting Users, and then selecting Service Hours. You will see a list of all pending service hours in your community. Click Details on the far right of the submission to see the submission details, including the description, time recorded, and verification contact.

To approve or deny a submission, click the check box to the left of the submission and click Approve or Deny. In this way, you can also approve or deny these submissions in bulk. You can also delete a submission altogether, but keep in mind this action cannot be undone.


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