Depending on the type of organization you are in, you may have the ability to manually submit service hours that you would like to associate with a specific organization you are a part of. These service hours can be included on your co-curricular involvement record, allowing you to showcase your involvement in an organization or in the community. Note that you must be a member of an organization in Engage in order to add service hours within that organization. 

Submitting service hours as an organization officer

Submitting on behalf of another member

As an officer of your organization who has full access to manage the Service Hours tool, you also have the ability to submit service hours on behalf of other organization members. To do so, go to the Action Center for your organization and select the Service Hours tool from the org tool drawer. Click +Add Service Hours. This provides you a different form with the ability to tie the submission to any member of your organization. Fill in the required and/or optional information and click Create. Service hours submitted by officers will be automatically approved.



Submitting service hours from your user profile

You also have the option to submit service hours from your user profile, which may serve to be a better option if you are submitting service hours for multiple organizations in one sitting. To submit with this method, access your user drawer and select Service Hours. All of your pending, approved, and denied service hours will display.


Select the +Service Hours button at the top of the page, and select the organization from the drop-down menu you wish to associate service hours to. Complete the form with all the required information, and any optional fields you choose to add. Click Create to confirm your submission. These submissions will need to be approved by an organization officer or campus administrator.

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