As a campus administrator, you are able to create interests that can be associated with organizations and events. Individual users can also identify their interests in their personal Engage profiles. Interests are then used to recommend involvement opportunities to students. You can also read about how students select their interests or how organizations can identify interests.

To access your campus's interests, log in to your campus site and navigate to the Admin View of your Switchboard.


Click on the Configure dropdown menu and then select Interests.


You will see that Engage has provided a list interest categories for your campus by default. Click into any of these categories to view the interests assigned to that category. You can choose to hide any of the default interests or interest categories by clicking "Hide" to the right of the interest.


In addition to the interests provided by Engage, you can create any additional interest categories or interests. Click the Create Interest button to create an individual interest. Indicate the name of the interest and click Create. Interests can also be grouped into categories based on similarity. If you create a category, you can then include as many interests within each category as you choose. To create an interest category, click Create Category. Then, indicate the name of interest category and click Create. Click the link of the category to add interests into it. You must create the category first before adding interests. Any category you create can be deleted, but the Engage-provided interests can only be hidden.


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