As a community administrator with access to manage users, you have the ability to oversee details about every user in the community. To manage your users, access your Admin view and then click the Users tab. From there, click User List to see a full list of the users in your community. From this screen, you can click any individual user to see all of their user details.

Search for users by first name, last name, first and last name, username, or card ID (if enabled). You can also filter by active users (users who have logged into their accounts)and pending users (those who have created accounts but have not fully completed the log-in process, including creating their profile). Use the "Administrators Only" checkbox to browse users who have limited or full community access to your site. Identify a "Logged in After" date to browse users who specifically have logged in within the given time frame. You can also select the "Archive Users List" in the upper right corner to browse and search users you have archived. 

After you select a user from the list, you're provided the user's details, ranging from their basic profile information to their progress on co-curricular path completion. The user's information is divided into several tabs, each of which is described in detail below. Much of this information is editable with the right level of access. Continue reading to learn what capabilities you have within each section.


Section Function
Profile When you click on a user’s name, you will view their basic profile information. With the appropriate level of access, you can make changes to this information. At the bottom of this page, you can also edit a user’s management access.
Contact Update the user's contact information, including local, home, and abroad details.
Event Attendance View the event attendance history for an individual user. You will also see an Export option on this tab where you can opt to produce a list of every attendee at the events included in your filtered view of attendances for the user you are viewing. 
Memberships View the memberships a user holds. This is also where you can add users into organizations or give them credit for past memberships or positions held.
Involvement Record Customize, view, or export the user's co-curricular involvement.
Paths Completion View the user's progress through any Paths in which they are involved.

You can read more about archiving users or removing them from your community or for information about adding or editing user information in bulk.

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