Campus Links allow administrators to highlight links to external websites or Engage pages, giving users quick and easy access to these links right when they login to the site. Campus Links could be to the websites of important offices on campus or to a relevant event or organization within Engage.


To create your campus links, go to the Admin View of your Switchboard.


Click the Configure dropdown menu. From there, select Campus Links.


In the box that says "New Link Name," give your link a title to appear to users. Where it says "New Link URL," paste the URL link. The link does not need to have “http://” when you enter it, but it does need to be the full URL. Click the green + sign to save your link. All changes will immediately update.

If you want to turn an Engage form into a campus link, you will first need to publish the form and copy its public link to paste in this section.

Once you have created your links, use the blue arrows on the far right of the links to rearrange to the order the links will appear in the Campus Links drop-down menu. Click the edit icon to update the link or the text displayed for the link. You can also remove a link by clicking the red trash can icon to the right of the link's information.

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