As a community administrator, you can customize some stylistic elements of your Engage site, including the display name, fonts, accent color, and cover photos. To customize these elements, go to your Admin view and click the Configure drop-down menu.


Site Styles

Click on Site Styles to configure some customization for your site. First, you can select the Preferred Institution Name that will appear on your community home page, as well as a few other places throughout the site.


The System Brand Name will appear on the top left hand corner of your site to identify your system to both logged-in and public users. This name will also be used by search engines to share your site with the public.

You can also select your accent color from this screen. This color will be used in the top and bottom bars throughout your site. Consider using your campus's marketing or branding colors to further enforce your brand on campus!

Finally, you can change your community logo at any time. This logo appears in the top left hand corner of every page of the community.

Cover Photos

Under the Configure tab, select Site Cover Photos. Here, you can upload one or more cover photos to help brand your community. These images will appear as a large image at the top of the public-facing homepage of your site. Click Choose File to upload your photo.


After you upload your image, you will be able to fine tune the cropping for widescreen and mobile displays. You can upload as many photos as you wish. Only one will appear at a time, but if you upload multiple, your cover photos will appear in a random rotation as users navigate your site.

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