As an all-access community administrator, you have the ability to make changes to individual users' memberships within organizations. You might find that you need to remove a user from a particular organization, that you need to retroactively give a user credit for being part of a certain organization, or that you need to give a user credit for having held a position within a past organization.

Navigate to your Admin view and click the Users tab. Then, choose the user for whom you would like to edit or remove membership and click on their name. Within their user details, click the Memberships tab. All current and past organization memberships for that user will appear in the list.

Add a user to an organization

To add a user to an organization, click the +Add Organization button at the top of the page. Select the organization from the list that populates. Then, Click +Membership Period. This now allows you to determine the time frame that user was active in the organization and whether they are currently involved or whether this is a past membership. If this is a past membership, be sure to include an end date. Note that end dates cannot be in the future and current memberships should have the end date left blank.

Once you have edited the membership period, you will see the timeline of that user's involvement in the organization as well as the ability to edit and delete the membership. On the right hand side, you will also see a +Position button. Click this button if you wish to denote the specific position this user held during that membership period within the organization.




Edit User Memberships

To edit a user's organization membership, navigate back to the Memberships tab in that user's basic details and click on the organization for which you would like to edit their membership information. A visual timeline of all the user’s membership periods will be displayed at the top of the page. Locate the membership period you want to change and click Edit. Editing allows you to change the dates of the entire membership period.



Delete User Memberships

To delete a membership period for a user, click Delete when looking at the specific membership. Deleting will completely remove the membership period from the user’s record. It will remove ALL positions associated with the Membership Period. Use Caution when deleting a Membership Period, as it removes membership from the user's involvement record and co-curriculum fulfillment (note that already calculated completion credit will not be affected). This change cannot be restored.



Add Membership Period

To add a membership period to an organization to which a user is already a member, select the organization from their list of memberships and select +Membership Period. Note that the new membership period cannot overlap with an existing or previous membership period within the same organization.




Edit User Positions

To add a position to a user's membership, locate the specific membership and click +Position. Select the position held and the start and end date. Any current positions will be listed as details underneath the name of the membership period. Use the icons to the right of the position to edit the dates or delete the position completely. Use caution when deleting a position held as it cannot be undone. Keep in mind that position date ranges cannot exceed the membership period.




Merge Memberships

If a user has multiple membership periods that should be consolidated into one period, you can use the Merge button to combine the record. The need to merge may come from an involvement import or from a user leaving an organization accidentally or prematurely and then rejoining.


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