As a branch or community administrator, you can update the organization type associated with an organization. You can also make this change for multiple organizations at one time. This allows you to modify the settings for the organization(s) selected. 

If you are working with a new Engage site, note that a "Default" organization type is assigned at first to all organizations, while a "New Organization" type is the default for organizations that complete the new organization registration process.

To change an organization's type, click Manage from your Switchboard to go to your Action Center. Click on your administrative branch, and scroll down to the branch tools. Select Organization List.

To modify an individual organization's organization type, click on the three selector dots next to its name followed by "Change Type." Select the appropriate type and click Update to save your changes. 

To move multiple organizations between organization types, first use the filters on the left panel to narrow your view of the organization list. Then, click the first three selector dots at the header of the page and choose "Change Type." Identify the organization type you would like to move the organizations to, and then unselect any organization that should not be moved. Click Update to save your changes. 



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