In Engage, your organizations can hold one of four "statuses" that will dictate how accessible the information within that organization is and to what extent its members can interact with the site. To change the status of an organization, click Manage from your Switchboard to go to your Action Center. Click on your administrative branch, and scroll down to the branch tools.

Select the Organization List. Then, locate the organization(s) you'd like to change the status of in the list and select Change Status from that organization's drop down. Identify the new status you would like these organizations to have. You can also do this in bulk using the drop down at the top of the page. Definitions for each status are below:


An Active organization is fully functional on the site. All information is accessible by members and new members are able to join.


By default, Frozen organizations will not be visible in the organization directory, but can still be accessed by existing members or officers. Only officers and admins can make adjustments to the organization's page. Frozen organizations will still receive message relays. In some cases, the Frozen status can be modified by Campus Labs Support or by your Consultant. Contact us for more details.


Similar to Frozen organizations, Locked organizations are not visible on the organization directory but can still be accessed by members who have a link to the page. Any non-member will not be able to access the public page of a locked organization. However, with a Locked organization, only site administrators can make adjustments to the page. Officers cannot change or create content, but can still submit content, such as the organization's re-registration form as long as the submission was started before the organization was locked. Once locked, the organization will not be able to access an active registration. Members cannot leave the organization roster while it is in the Locked phase.


An Inactive organization is the closest option to archiving the organization when it is no longer active or needing to be accessed. When you change an organization's status to Inactive, all current memberships will be ended. The organization is not visible in the directory nor can it be accessed by any members. Only administrators can reactivate or edit the organization's profile.

Please note that organizations can never be deleted from your campus site to maintain any previous involvement records. Instead, update the status of the organization so that it is no longer visible on the site and so that no one can join by making the organization "Inactive." Users will still be able to submit past involvement requests for Inactive organizations.

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