Campus administrators have the ability to identify organizations into similar groupings using Organization Categories. These categories serve valuable functions. First, users can sort through the full organization directory by organization category, making it easier for users to find organizations of interest to join. You will also have the ability to create categories for administrative use only, giving you an internal system for marking organizations according to your campus's practices or policies valuable when reporting on involvement. Finally, you can use the messaging tool to communicate with users in specific organization categories.

Creating and Managing Organization Categories

From the Admin view of your site, select Organizations and then Organization Categories. The current categories for your campus will be listed. Click Create Organization Category to add a new category to the list. 

Begin by giving the category a name and a brief, optional description. Also when creating organization categories, you have two additional options. First, check the box next to "For Administrator Use Only" if you want this category to only be assignable by a campus administrator. In other words, general users would not be able to identify their organizations with this category. For example, you might want to allow administrators to identify certain organizations as being at-risk or suspended. Leaving this box unchecked allows users to identify with this category when registering or re-registering their organizations.

Selecting "Shown On Public Site" ensures this category is searchable in the organization directory. If you would prefer that a certain category of organization be hidden from public view, be sure to deselect this option.


When you are finished, click Create. You can always edit an existing category by clicking its name in the category list and updating its options.

Adding Organization Categories to Organizations

Organization Categories can be modified in one of two ways:

  • A branch or community administrator can modify the organization's categories by editing the organization as an administrator. Only community administrators will be able to select admin-only organization categories at this stage. 
  • If the "Organization Categories" step is included in organization registration, the submitting student can elect to modify their categories at that point. These changes will only be reflected if the organization's registration is approved. Admin-only categories will not be accessible to the submitting student to select. 
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