As a branch or community administrator you have the ability to update an organization's information, such as its basic properties, contact information, and categories.

Manage your organizations by accessing the Manage view of your Switchboard and clicking on your administrative branch. Open up the org tool drawer to find your Organization List. Select the organization's name to edit it as an administrator. 

On the Properties tab, you can edit the Official Name, Acronym/Nickname, Parent Organization, Summary, Description, Organization Type, Organization Status, Email, External Website, Social Media Websites, Web Site and/or Profile Picture. You can also update any additional fields included on the organization's profile.

Navigate to the Contact Info tab to make changes to the organization's contact information.

To edit the organizations categories, click on the Categories tab. Select any categories you want to associate with the organization on the left, or remove any you'd no longer like to associate from the right.  Note that this area and organization registration are the only two ways assigned organization categories can be modified. 

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