As a branch administrator, you have the ability to manually create any organizations you want to exist under your administrative branch. If you are a student looking to register a new organization, please review the article on Registering a New Organization.

To create a new organization, access your branch admin tools by navigating to the Manage view of your Switchboard. Click on the name of your administrative branch, and then select "Organization List." 

Click the top three selector dots in your Organization list and choose "+ Create Organization." 

Use the table below for more information about the questions asked in order to create a new org (note: only the fields marked with a red asterisk are required to create the org).

Field Description
Official Name The full name of the organization.
Acronym/Nickname The short name for the organization. This will appear next to the official name on the org directory.
Parent Organization The name of the administrative branch that will house the organization will be listed here.
Organization Description Summary A short description of the organization that will appear on the org directory.
Description A longer form of the description that appears in the organization's About section.
Email Enter an email address that will display in the organization's About section.
Organization Type The type of organization you're creating. Organization Types allow you to classify your organizations based on how you want them to behave.
Organization Web Site URL Determine what the new organization's URL will be by configuring what appears after /organization/ in the URL. Keep it simple to make the URL easy to remember.
Primary Contact The primary contact of the organization. This must be an existing user. This person will appear on the portal's homepage with the ability to send them a message.
External Organization Website If the organization has an external website, list it here.
Social Media Links If you have the organization's social media pages, list them here. These links will display on the organization's home page.
Additional Information Complete any additional fields that may be required by your campus.

After you've entered the required information to create the organization, click Create at the bottom of the page and you'll be taken to a page listing the org's details. Under the Contact Info tab, enter additional contact information for the new organization, such as the physical address of the office space or the contact phone number.

Clicking on the Positions tab will show you a full list of the Positions made available to the organization based on its organization type. Learn more about the process of assigning positions to organization types.


Click Categories to assign specific categories to the organization. Click on the green plus sign next to the category under "Available Categories" and you will see these categories populate under Assigned Categories. You can tie your organization to as many categories as you'd like.



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