The Involvement Record is an unofficial transcript of your co-curricular involvement, highlighting your out-of classroom experiences such as events you have attended, organizations you have joined or held positions in, and self reported experiences you have submitted. This can be used to apply for grad school, provide speaking points for job interviews, and to showcase your leadership experience.

To view or download your Involvement Record, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and click Involvement. From here, click on "Involvement Record" all the way to the far right of the menu. Depending on the size of your browser, you may have to click on "More" first and then "Involvement Record." Note: your campus administrators can choose what the Involvement Record is called for your community, so you may see this document listed under another name, such as "Co-Curricular Transcript."



As you scroll through your document, you can add and sort positions, organization memberships, experiences, reflections, and service hours, and decide what you do and do not want to show on your personal record. Clicking Change Layout at the top allows you to determine in what order you would like these different involvement activities to appear, if you would like them to appear at all. While you can choose which of your activities appear and in what order, note that the general customization of your involvement record is determined by your campus administrators and cannot be changed.



When you are finished customizing your record, click the blue Save button at the top. Click Print/View PDF to open a printable version of your record. From this screen, you can print your record or save it as a PDF document.

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