Students can use Engage to generate a record of their involvement to document experiences gained outside the classroom. This document is called the Co-Curricular Transcript, and can be used when applying for grad school, provide speaking points for job interviews, and to showcase your students' leadership experience. As a site administrator, you have the ability to determine the general customization of the CCT for your community.

To access your transcript customization, go to your Admin view, click the Users tab, and then click Transcript Customization.


If you are unable to access this option, contact your Engage consultant or the support team to ensure that transcripts are turned on for your campus.

Under the Settings tab, you are primarily determining what this record will look like. You can click +Add Banner Image to upload a header image that will appear at the top of the transcript for each user. This banner is an opportunity to brand your involvement record for your campus. Supported image files (JPG, PNG, or GIF) must be less than 100KB in size and are best within 960px X 120px dimensions.


Select whether you want to make the transcript available to students or if only administrators can generate the document. You can also update the font style and section-line color to provide consistency in the appearance of your transcripts. You will also want to specify both the system display (what appears throughout your Engage site) and the title (what appears at the top of the user's document) for the involvement record. Whether it is Involvement Record, Leadership Record, Co-Curricular Transcript, or something entirely different, select a name for your record that makes the most sense for your campus! Create header text for the transcript that will appear at the top of the document for each user.


You can then specify whether you want to display an outcomes exposure chart, which will demonstrate the user's level of exposure to various learning outcomes created by your community. You can also choose a title for this chart, the description text that will appear on the record, and a color for this chart.


Finally, you can customize the labels you want to appear for organization participation, positions held, outcomes, self-reflections, and footer text for the transcript. This provides you another opportunity to brand different experiences with terms and titles specific to your campus. Click Update when you are done.


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