Finance stages allow for you to mimic your office's workflow in the approval process for purchase and funding requests. These stages indicate the different steps each request can take before the final approval. Here are a few things you should know about finance stages before you create them:

  • You can set up a maximum of five stages in your process.
  • The stages exist to help provide a system that imitates the workflow your office or department utilizes. It will not be a requirement that someone signs off on each stage before the request is passed along. For example, a Stage One reviewer could move the request along to Stage Four, as long as that Position Template has access to both of those stages. Stages serve two purposes:
    • To review and make notes and/or recommendations
    • To move the finance request along to the appropriate stage, based on your internal workflow
  • Finance stage reviewers are similar to admin form reviewers - they are there to provide feedback on the form, but at the end of the day, the site admins (or those with full access to Finance) will have final say over the requests' decision.
  • You will only be able to assign these stages to campus-wide Position Templates, allowing a user holding a position within an organization to serve as a reviewer for that specific organization's finance requests. For example, you might want every organization's advisor or president to be a reviewer at a different stage of the request. However, if you want a specific user (e.g. the SGA President) to be a reviewer on every request regardless of the organization that submitted it, that user will need to have full administrative access to the finance tool. To learn more about granting admin access, view this article.

Creating Finance Stages

From the Admin view, navigate to the Finance drop down and click Finance Stages.

Enter a name and description for your stage, and click Add. Use the arrows to move the stage up and down, mirroring your office's workflow process. You can have up to 5 stages at a given time. 


Assigning Users to Finance Stages

Once your stages have been created, you will want to add users by position template to be reviewers at each stage. Positions templates can be assigned or tasked with reviewing finance submissions at these different stages. You will first need to create these position templates, and then you can assign them to stages.

Manage your Administrative Branch and select Position Templates.

Click on the name of the position you would like to assign to a finance stage. Select the Finance Stages tab. A list of stages will populate. Click the check box next to each stage you would like holders of this position to be assigned to. If this position will also be responsible for moving the request to the next stage or sending it back to the previous stage, the template will also need access to those stages. Select whether you want to apply this change to all users holding this position. Click Update to save these changes.


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