Finance requests come in from organizations as one of two types of requests: Purchase Requests and Funding Requests.

  • A funding request asks for a lump sum of money to be granted to an organization. A deposit or allocation is a typical transaction for this type of request.

  • A purchase request is the request to spend money from the organization's account on food, supplies, etc. A payment or a transfer is a typical transaction for this type of request.

Both types of requests require the final approval of a site administrator or a user with full administrative access to the Finance tool. These requests can also be reviewed for feedback by finance stage reviewers. The request must be decided upon before any transactions can be applied to the request.

Review finance requests as an administrator

As an administrative reviewer, you can see a full list of your finance requests by going to your Admin view, selecting the Finance dropdown, and clicking the Requests List


This will show you a list of your requests and details about each, including the subject, amount, type, status, organization, and the current stage of review. You can filter by type (funding or purchase) and by stage. To review a finance request, select the magnifying glass icon to the far right of the request. You will be taken to the request details where you can review the basic details and any additional fields you have requested be completed. At the bottom, you can review the "Stage History" which shows you which reviewers have seen the request, the date of their review, and any comments they left.


If you need to move the request back or forward to a stage before you make your final decision, you can do so by selecting Change Stage at the top of the page.


Making your final decision

For Funding Requests:

Update the account and category, if necessary. Select the dropdown menu next to "Status" to change the status of the request:

  • Unapproved: Unapproved is another way to say "pending." This request will remain in a pending status until a further decision is made.
  • Cancelled: Cancelling a request does not allow the student to resubmit the request with changes. This ends the process and denies the request. 
  • Denied: Denying a request does not allow the student to resubmit the request with changes. This ends the process and denies the request. For a funding request, there is no functional difference between cancelling and denying a request. You can use these statuses to your discretion based on your campus language. 
  • Completed: When a funding request is Completed, you are saying that you are done looking at the request and ready to take further action. "Completed" is the status you will want to select if you are approving the request and need to make a transaction.

Be sure to add any additional comments in the "Comments" box. These will be sent to the user when you click the green "Save" button.

For Purchase Requests:

The only difference in reviewing a purchase request vs. a funding request comes with the statuses available for you to select. The decision statuses for purchase requests are listed below:

  • Unapproved: Same as above. This request will remain in a pending status until a further decision is made.
  • Cancelled: Same as above. Cancelling ends the process and denies the request. You can cancel a request even if it has been approved. 
  • Denied: Same as above. Denying a request ends the process and denies the request. You cannot deny a request after it has been approved. 
  • Approved: Approved is an additional status with purchase requests. Approving the request lets the student know they can move forward with their purchase. This is the status you will want to select to approve the request. Approving a request will also allow you to apply transactions.
  • Completed: As an admin, you can move the status to completed when when the transaction is completely finished. This might mean, for example, the check has been cut and delivered and the entire transaction is finalized.

Note: All requests can be cancelled at any time up until a transaction is associated with the request. After the request has been approved, a transaction must be applied in order for the money to be moved in the system. See this article on applying transactions to finance requests for more information.

Review finance requests as a stage reviewer

If you are reviewing a request as a stage reviewer, this means you are looking at individual submissions made by members of your organization. To access these requests, go to your organization's page and select the Finance tool. Find the request you wish to review and select the "eye" icon to the right of the submission.


Here, you can review the submission, any additional details provided by the submitter, the transaction history, and the stage history. At the top, select Change Stage to move the request to another stage. You can select the stage from the dropdown menu and leave any comments you want to pass along. 


As a stage reviewer, you can check back in with any request at any time to view comments left by other submitters or to change the stage of the request. Final approval for the request will come from your administrators.

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