All requests and transactions must be associated with an account. Accounts are directly linked to each organization, and an organization may have more than one account. You can also designate if an account is a general ledger, or link it to another existing account.

Creating a new Finance account

To begin, head to the Admin view, select the Finance dropdown, and select Accounts.


 This will give you a listing of existing accounts; to create a new one, click the + Create Account button. Enter the name and a brief description of the account. Next, identify the unique External ID that will directly associate any imported transactions with this account. Then, choose which organization the account is for. You can choose this from the box listed below, searching by the first letter of the organization.

Indicate if the new account is a root account, meaning that other accounts will pull from this one. “No” is selected by default. Identify the Parent Account by typing characters in the name of the account and then select the appropriate one from the drop-down menu, if applicable. Finally, click Create to complete the account.


Editing an existing Finance account

From the account list, click on any one to view its details, then click Edit Account in the upper right corner to begin making changes.


NOTE: You cannot change the parent account of an existing account once it has been created. Make any necessary changes, then hit Save when finished.

Deleting a Finance account

To delete a finance account, click on the account from the Accounts list. Then, select Edit Account. You will then see the option to delete the account. Deleting Finance Accounts is an irreversible action, so please do so with caution!


Note that you may not be able to delete the account for one or more reasons. If the account has an outstanding balance, if there are transactions on the account, or if the account is a parent account of another active account, it will not be able to be deleted from the system.


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